Pinasco Vespa Wide Frame 8” Racing Rear Brake Drum


An absolute must for any tuned Vespa Wideframe and even a superb rear drum replacement for a standard engine.

The drum is very strong and will not distort under hard braking, the drum also fits well with new brake shoes, no more filing down shoes to fit - we recommend the Newfren Anti-aqua brake shoes.

The drum will fit almost all Wideframe Vespas, please contact us if you are not sure about fitment.

See the description from Pinasco below:

After making the front drum for Vespa 8 ", Pinasco completes the product range with the rear steel drum made from billet.

Compared to traditional cast-iron brake drums, the Pinasco brake drum is made with CNC machines using the best turned steel. Thanks to the exclusive design and torsional rigidity, it guarantees a considerable increase in braking power, the perimeter grooves increase heat dissipation, the milling on the supporting surface of the wheel reduces the contact surface and therefore the transmission of heat to the rim which is the main cause of punctures.

These technical solutions make the Pinasco drum a product with high technological content, reliable and recommended for traveling safely.

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