Pinasco Flytech 12v Electronic Ignition for Vespa GS150 VS1-VS5 engines


This fantastic Pinasco Electronic ignition is a must have for those who want 21st century reliability, easier starting, bright lights and best of maintenance!

Eliminates the battery issues which are the achilles heel of the GS150.

The flywheel is designed to increase air flow compared to the standard flywheel.

The magnets in the flywheel are one piece and covered so they can't come loose.
The standard Vespa flywheel puller tool can be used.

The ignition has a variable timing which is pre-programmed, this means the engine gets more power at low revs and runs cooler at high revs.

The timing curve is fix from 1500 to 4000 rpm and then gets reduced by 8 degree up to 8000 rpm.
The included regulator can produce 12V AC and/or DC if you want to use a battery or hook up electronic gadgets.

The kit contains: Flywheel, stator, cdi, 12 volt regulator, brake light switch, and manual.