These engine bearer mount rubbers are perfect replacements for your early Vespa, they are often overlooked during a restoration but are an intergral part of the handling of your scooter.
Douglas Vespa Rod model & G Engine Bearer Mount Rubbers (pair) - part number: 12441
For a 100% correct 1950s Vespa restoration you need to use these special M8 x 14mm nuts on the cylinder head and cowling and on Vespa GS150 VS5 wheel nuts.
M8 x 14mm nut for wideframe Vespa and GS150 VS5
New old stock Italian made points for the Vespa Rally 180, these are still in their original boxes, perfect for your restoration.
NOS Piaggio Vespa Rally 180 points - part number: 129435
This is a very rare original aluminium toolbox side panel for Italian Piaggio Vespa V30-33T and VM1 models.
Piaggio Vespa Faro Basso aluminium side panel V30-33T VM1 - part number: 15037
A new old stock gear inner cable for Douglas Vespa models.
NOS Douglas Vespa gear change cable inner 42L2/92L2 - part number: 19060
A new old stock front brake cable with pear nipple for Douglas models.
NOS Douglas Vespa Front brake cable, 42L2, 92L2 - part number: 18698
A new old stock complete gear cable for Vespa GS150 (VS2-5) and VB1 (Douglas Clubman) models.
NOS Douglas Vespa gear cable complete GS150/VB1 - part number: 26246
A new old stock largeframe Vespa kickstart rubber buffer, still in it's original packaging and even has an embossed "Vespa" logo and guaranteed to fit perfectly.
NOS Vespa kickstart rubber buffer - most largeframe models - part number: 46742
A NOS (New old stock) Piaggio handlebar switch for 1960s models like Sprint, GTR, Super and GL150.
NOS Vespa handlebar switch for Sprint, Super, GTR, GL - part number: 87558
This is a lovely original Douglas Vespa 152L2 clutch cover with arm, this cover and arm as far as we are aware are unique to the 152L2 and has a strange 2 piece clutch arm.
Douglas Vespa 152L2 clutch cover and arm