An essential and hard to find part of the Douglas Vespa Rod Type gear linkage, superb quality, made by Piaggio.
Douglas Vespa Rod Type Gear Tube With Spring Attatchment: Part number: 12628
This spring is a perfect replacement for a standard or tuned early Doulgas Vespa (will also fit ear;y Piaggio/ACMA up to approx 1954).
Douglas Vespa Rod type/G/GL2 "Nagy" Uprated front spring - 30% stronger
This high quality Italian made crankshaft is the perfect replacement when restoring a Douglas Rod type or G model Vespa, often original cranks are rusty and unusable and even if the original bearings and con rod are replaced the cost can be more than this affordable high quality brand new crank.
Douglas Vespa Rod type and G Crankshaft (Italian made)
Fuel tank clamp bracket to fit Piaggio Vespa GS 150 VS1-5 models.
Piaggio Vespa GS 150 VS1-5 Fuel tank clamp bracket - part number: 23756
This rear shock is a superb upgrade for standard or tuned Wideframe Vespas, it is adjustable and will fit most Vespas from 1953-1958.
Pinasco Adujstable Rear shock for Wideframe Vespas
This is the amazing Pinasco "Nordkapp" 160cc aluminium cylinder kit for Wideframe Vespas with 2-port engines.
Pinasco "Nordkapp" 160cc cylinder kit for Wideframe Vespas
The Pinasco four-speed gearbox upgrade kit for wideframe Vespas makes life much easier when carrying a passenger, going up hills and especially with a tuned engine!
Pinasco 4-speed gearbox conversion for Wideframe Vespa
This is a hard to find part in top quality Mauro Pascoli Italian manufacture, it clamps the wire inside the rod linkages behind the legshields and by the rear of the floorboards.
Douglas Rod Gear Linkage Wire Clamp - part number: 12575M
This is a good quality hard to find part for the Douglas Rod and G models, it fits on the fan and can be removed to access the points.
Douglas Vespa Rod Type & G Fan Cover Plate
This is a hard to find part for Douglas Rod type and G models, it fits in front of the rear hub bearing.
Douglas Rod Type & G Rear Hub Oil Seal Spacer