A NOS (New old stock) Piaggio handlebar switch for 1960s models like Sprint, GTR, Super and GL150.
NOS Vespa handlebar switch for Sprint, Super, GTR, GL - part number: 87558
A new old stock largeframe Vespa kickstart rubber buffer, still in it's original packaging and even has an embossed "Vespa" logo and guaranteed to fit perfectly.
NOS Vespa kickstart rubber buffer - most largeframe models - part number: 46742
A new old stock front brake cable with pear nipple for Douglas models.
NOS Douglas Vespa Front brake cable, 42L2, 92L2 - part number: 18698
A new old stock complete gear cable for Vespa GS150 (VS2-5) and VB1 (Douglas Clubman) models.
NOS Douglas Vespa gear cable complete GS150/VB1 - part number: 26246
A new old stock gear inner cable for Douglas Vespa models.
NOS Douglas Vespa gear change cable inner 42L2/92L2 - part number: 19060
This is a very rare original aluminium toolbox side panel for Italian Piaggio Vespa V30-33T and VM1 models.
Piaggio Vespa Faro Basso aluminium side panel V30-33T VM1 - part number: 15037
This is a good condition GS160 (mark2) and SS180 carb air box, these are hard to find and much better quality than the remade type, perfect if you are restoring a GS160 or SS180.
Original Piaggio GS160 - SS180 Carb air box - part number: 111209 99047
New old stock Italian made points for the Vespa Rally 180, these are still in their original boxes, perfect for your restoration.
NOS Piaggio Vespa Rally 180 points - part number: 129435
For a 100% correct 1950s Vespa restoration you need to use these special M8 x 14mm nuts on the cylinder head and cowling and on Vespa GS150 VS5 wheel nuts.
M8 x 14mm nut for wideframe Vespa and GS150 VS5
Here we have the beautifully made Pinasco "high" front brake drum for all 8 inch wheel Wideframe Vespas which includes all models produced by Douglas, ACMA, MotoVespa and Piaggio.
Pinasco Racing Front brake drum for 8 inch wheel Wideframe Vespas