Pinasco 4-speed gearbox conversion for Wideframe Vespa


The Pinasco four-speed gearbox upgrade kit for wideframe Vespas makes life much easier when carrying a passenger, going up hills and especially with a tuned engine!

The jumps between the gears are much smaller than with a standard 3-speed gearbox, the kit will fit most Vespas from 1953-1959, please check with us if you are unsure. 

The fourth gear has the same gear ratio as the original third gear found in the standard VN and VM gearbox types.

A longer overall ratio can be achieved by fitting a primary drive kit with a higher than standard gear ratio.

The Pinasco 4-speed conversion closes the gaps between the gears and eliminates the big jumps between the three-speed type, the engine will stay in the power band when accelerating and is perfect for an engine fitted with the Pinasco 160cc Nordkapp kit, even for a standard 150cc engine this is a very useful upgrade.

The gear ratios are:

1st gear – 52/13

2nd gear – 52/18

3rd gear – 47/23

4th gear – 43/27

The engine casings will require a small, easy modification inside the engine, it is only a little bit of filing to stop a gear from rubbing.

You will need to use the needle roller bearings for the input shaft from the PX 125-200 engine and you will also need the gearbox selector from the Vespa GS 150 engine.

The kit includes: input shaft, loose gear cogs, cruciform, selector rod, output shaft, counter shaft and English language instructions. 

The kit fits best with the VN/VL/VB1 type engines which have the kickstart ratchet with the brass bush but the kit can be used with the earlier Piaggio/Douglas/MotoVespa roller bearing type by using the original driveshaft or using a specially adapted brass bush.

The kit will fit the following engines - (ensure you use a 57mm stroke crank):


GL2, 42L2, 92L2, 102L2, Continental, Clubman



V30-33 from 1952





ACMA  125 `51-`55   





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