Ecooter E1S Electric Scooter (50cc / L1e category)

The Ecooter E1S is coming soon from Wessex Scooters. 

This is a high quality and feature packed FULLY ELECTRIC scooter, perfect for commuting and for businesses who need light, green transport.

The scooter is restricted to a top speed of 45km/h (28mph) which allows it to be classed as a moped and is placed in the L1e category which means it is the equivalent to a 50cc scooter so can be ridden with a valid CBT from age 16 upwards.
With the E1S you get full torque straight away which is very useful when pulling away from traffic lights.

The powerful and ultra compact E1S motor is configured to ensure a smart and very efficient power delivery.

Inspired by the landing gear of an airplane, the Ecooter E1S uses a single steering stem suspension system on the front and an aluminium high tech rear shock absorber.

Keyless control is standard with the E1S with a power on/off button plus smart app to give you total control and real time GPS information.

Another great feature is the reverse function, no need to wheel your scooter back out of the garage, the scooter will do it for you.

Up to 80km (50 miles) per charge from the 3.0kw motor 

The removable battery uses Panasonic & LG cells.

The ERS (energy recovery system) recovers energy back to the battery to keep it charged when you decelerate and brake, and the intelligent BMS (battery management system) protects it from overheating, overcharging and over discharging.


  • Up to 80km / 50 mile range.
  • Top speed limited to 45km/h / 28mph
  • Removable battery which can be charged either in situ on the scooter (handy if you have a garage) or taken off the scooter and charged inside (convenient if you have outside parking or live on higher floors).
  • HD Digital Dashboard, fully customisable with light sensitive brightness, speed, battery level, tripometer, warning lights, time, indicators, outside temperature gauge and full beam.
  • LED Lights - Photosensitive LED lights which automatically adjust at night to offer unparalleled visibility on the road.
  • Reverse function, very helpful when maneuvering out of the garage or narrow parking bays.
  • Ability to carry a pillion, the Ecooter includes neat flip out passenger foot pegs.
  • 3.0Kw centrally mounted motor for better stability and low centre of gravity.
  • USB socket and storage caddy so your phone, Sat nav or other device can be charged on the go
  • Wireless smart key (tradition keyset also included)
  • Anti-theft alarm with movement sensor.
  • Smart/Sport modes - Smart for around town, slower speeds and most efficient battery usage, Sport mode for full performance.
  • ERS (Energy recovery system) delivers charge back to the battery when you slow down and uses the brakes.
  • BMS (Battery Management System) Intelligent battery management protects from overheating, overcharging and over discharging.
  • Cruise control


  • Samsung Lithium cell battery
  • 64V 30ah battery cell capacity
  • Charge time 6-7 hours for a full charge, Fast charge is 4.5-5.5 hours.
  • Torque 130Nm
  • Premium quality Gates manufactured transmission belt.
  • Weight (without battery) 76kg
  • Battery weight 10kg
  • Dimensions 1760 x 660 x 1060mm
  • Centre and Side stand
  • Colours - Matt Black or Pearl White
  • 3 Year or 30,000kms Warranty, this is a high quality electric scooter and the warranty reflects this.

RRP £2699 inc VAT + on the road charges.

With the government grant, RRP is just £2159 + on the road charges.

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